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HD Transmission Oil – Only the Best!

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and with top-of-the-line vehicles, it is necessary that proper HD Transmission Oil is used. After studying the frictional characteristics (parameters that distinguish automatic transmission oil from other types) of automatic HD Transmission Oil, it has been determined that they need to remain constant within the fluid change interval prescribed beforehand.

HD Transmission Oil at Adopted Oil:

  • Acts as a coolant.
  • Transmits power to the mechanical portion of the automatic transmission from the engine.
  • Acts as a hydraulic medium by providing lubrication during start/stop for friction discs as well as working fluid in the automatic transmission hydraulic system.

The product as various other applications too such as:

  • It can be used in most power-assisted steering system of vehicles.
  • It is used in manual gearboxes of some cars.
  • Some industrial hydraulic systems use transmission fluids.

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