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Heavy-duty engine oil from Adopted Oil

At Adopted Oil, we have always focused on top quality at reasonable prices when it comes to our products. Best and consistent performance being the ultimate objective, the HD Engine Oil:

  • Ensures that moving parts inside a vehicle are replaced by a layer of oil continuously, so that there is no metal-to-metal contact. It will lubricate, lessen friction, and prevent wear and tear.
  • Protects parts from acids generated due to oxidation of oil that lead to corrosive deposits inside, via corrosion inhibitors thereby preventing rust and corrosion.
  • Acts as a coolant to the upper part of the engine that comprises the valves, cylinder heads, and cylinder walls. The lower parts like the pistons, timing gears, and crankshaft are cooled when the oil flows around them.
  • Improves the seal by filling in the hills and valleys of the ring grooves, cylinder walls, and piston rings.

We safely recommend our HD Engine Oil for both gasoline and diesel engines. For more information about products or to place your order, please contact us.