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Hydraulic Oil – Superb Lubrication Guaranteed

Anti-Wear (AW) Hydraulic Oil is a superior quality general purpose anti-wear hydraulic fluid that contain additives to inhibit rust and minimize wear in high speed, high-pressure vane, gear, and piston pumps over a wide operating temperature range. AW Hydraulic Oil is formulated according to the ISO viscosity grade classifications that meet or exceed performance specifications for stability and durability and comply with most industrial applications requiring a premium Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil.


For the best in general purpose, superior-grade hydraulic oils, turn to the products you know you can count on to give you the best performance, stability and long-lasting capabilities.


All of the AntiWear hydraulic oils from US Global Petroleum give superb action and smoothness to your hydraulic systems and are unbeatable in reliability and durability.


You can put complete trust in Adopted AW Hydraulic Oils, maximum performance Golden Stallion AW Oils or Rover AW Oils to provide the highest quality lubrication for any application necessary for your industrial or personal needs. You are guaranteed the very best and can be assured that you have made the perfect choice.


AW Hydraulic Oil has the following Benefits and Applications:

  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Special additives provide sludge and deposit control, and longer service life
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection for all system components
  • Provide superior water separation and demulsibility
  • Excellent anti-foam protection and rapid air release
  • Provides anti-wear protection for pumps, motors, valves and other hydraulic circuit components operating under high pressures and loads