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Spindle Oils – Premium Quality at Affordable Prices


Spindle oils are greatly refined mineral oils at low temperature with low viscosity, primed for lubricating machine spindles operating at high speeds. These oils are available at Adopted Oil.

Spindle oil:

  • Is incorporated with a special oxidation inhibitor for enhancing performance.
  • Is free from all gumming properties.
  • Contains additives to prevent rusting and corrosion – this is done to combat the problem of the oil running off the surface of the spindle during shut-down intervals.
  • Is stain resistant to a certain degree.
  • Doesn’t allow formation of emulsions.
  • Reduces machine wear and tear and is resistant to foam as well.
  • Keeps the fluid friction to a minimum.
  • Guarantees exceptional chemical stability.
  • Has superior oil film strength.

Spindle oils are utilized as hydraulic fluids in hydraulic systems and acts as a lubricant for equipment and machine tools at high speed and light loads such as spindle bearings, centrifugal separators, twisters, positive displacement blowers, timing gears and thrust bearings. It is also used for high grade oiling of needles required in hosiery equipment for sewing, knitting, cotton machines, toppers, and knitters. It can be used as a base for specialized greases too.