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Quality Engine Oil in Transmission 

Automatic transmissions have become more complicated, which have created a requirement for transmission oil that has to be more technologically advanced so that the system works smoothly. With a slew of vehicles being introduced every year, each with its own set of complex systems, the oil in transmission needs to be compatible as well.

Oil Transmission

At Adopted Oil, we have developed top quality products that not only act as a lubricant for the moving parts in the transmission, which is essentially its primary function, but the transmission oil also acts as a cooler and is responsible for distributing power to the transmission from the engine. Millions of transmissions fail every year, with the most common cause being overheating. A transmission oil cooler can prevent the situation and extend oil & equipment life at the same time.

Benefits of  Quality Motor Oil in Transmission

There has been an increased demand for synthetic transmission oil these days because:

  1. CVT transmission system (continuous variable transmission) for better power delivery and above-average fuel economy, while cushioning the feel of a shift.
  2. Adopted Oil ensures that they have better resistance to oxidation.
  3. They are better lubricants and are more viscous than their petroleum-based counterparts.
  4. Superior engineering ensures that such fluids remain viscous over a broader temperature range, allowing the vehicle to shift even more smoothly.
  5. Transmission components get better protection.
  6. They are resistive to build-up of carbon and varnish deposits, sludge, and debris.
  7. By-products emitted by transmission, which might block certain components and other internal parts, are less likely to breakdown.
  8. They prevent the transmission from rust and corrosion, which might occur from exposure to different chemicals and moisture.

Adopted oilhas always believed in quality and service to customers that include retail outlets, gas stations, and even government agencies. Please contact us to learn more about engine oil and transmission oil. We look forward to hearing from you soon.