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Adopted Oil

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Adopted Oil ( A part of Celebrity Builder group of companies) is a U.S. based manufacturer and global distributor of quality lubricants and technical fluids for passenger and commercial vehicles as well as industrial applications.
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Adopted Oil: A Reputed USA Oil Company

The oil & gas industry is always going through swift and dynamic changes, due to the ever-rising prices of oil from North America. Needless to say, the impact on world economy is huge and diversified in ways that can’t be predicted. The inception of Adopted Oil and its subsequent foray into the industry as an USA oil company had its own history. We established a foothold in the industry as a global initiative rather than offering just oil for car and maintain an iron-clad focus on our ultimate goal of featuring top-of-the-line, premium quality products at competitive prices, and eventually being counted among one of the top oil & gas companies of the nation.

Quality is Vital

If you browse through the inventory listed on the website, you will notice that we haven’t restricted our offerings to any particular type such as car motor oil. As an oil company, we have diversified our reach to present products that include chemicals, hydraulics, lubricants, and much more. Adopted Oil emphasizes greatly on quality, which is why we have strict quality control measures that are implemented during the manufacturing stage. Being a B2B operation in the oil & gas industry, we understand the importance of maintaining quality and till date we have not compromised in this aspect. All products undergo extensive testing in our laboratories and are deemed ready for sale only after they pass certain preset parameters. Golden Stallion, Adopted, and Rover – are some of the brands we actively promote in the markets. They have performed well above market standards and continue to do so.

Steady Growth in Business

Every year, we supply more than 20 million liters of car motor oil as well as other kinds of oil to clients, starting from retail outlets, oil drilling companies and gas stations to government agencies. We are associated with reputed refiners and additive firms in the oil & gas industry, with the sole objective of maintaining and surpassing the standards we have set at Adopted Oil. With the fuel economy secure, Adopted Oil is undergoing a steady business expansion and we hope to explore unchartered territories and reach more milestones. Oil and gas production has taken the world by storm with upstream, downstream, and midstream operators striking gold. As an oil and gas company we hope to build a long-standing relationship where we continue to serve you by providing best car oil, premium grade machine oil, commercial oil, and related products.

You are most welcome to visit our plant and get a live experience of our operation. For scheduling a tour of our facility or any other queries, please get in touch with our team via phone or email.

When looking for the best motor oil for your vehicles, business or other usage, begin with a reputable company with quality products.

This very diverse company adheres to all quality control measures available, and understands the necessity of continuing to research and add to the inventory of best oil industry products. Rigorous laboratory testing insures that all the products offered to the consumer are of the highest standards in the oil industry.

Adopted Oil will continue to bring customers of all kinds the value, experience, quality and fore-sight that can be expected only from a top-rated company that has the satisfaction of those customers as the prime focus of its personal goals.