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Gear Oil Guarantees Proper Lubrication


Characterized by high viscosity, gear oil is apt for usage in transfer cases, transmissions, and differentials in machinery utilized in mining, agriculture, quarrying, and construction, as well as heavy duty automobiles such as trucks, buses, and vans. It is a multi-functioning lubricant, facilitating equal distribution through the entire gear train to reduce friction.

At Adopted Oil, with the following features:

  • Unmatched shear stability.
  • Highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and staining minimal deposits extends longevity of gear and bearing life.
  • High temperature oxidation ensures excellent thermal stability.
  • Shortens wear and tear due to its ability to retain film strength and viscosity, even under the most extreme conditions.
  • Eases the start-up process.
  • Hardly any chances for leakage and other types of contamination.
  • Prevents any low speed/high torque wear and high speed scoring.
  • Fluidity remains unaffected even if temperatures drop.
  • Resistivity to foaming.
  • Maintenance and operating costs are greatly reduced while equipment life increases.
  • Ensures efficient fuel economy.

Like all products at Adopted Oil, gear oil has been subjected to extensive testing before being declared ready for sale. Quality remains our top priority like always!