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HD Antifreeze – Choose Wisely

A standard HD antifreeze protects the engine by controlling critical metal temperatures inside the unit. Since it is a heat transfer liquid, it can be used for a dual purpose – preventing the unit from freezing and from heating up above a certain temperature.

Problems Caused by Extreme Temperatures

When the engine gets too hot it can cause a lot of damage by creating unnecessary noise, affecting performance and torque, failure of head gasket, and pre-ignition of the air and fuel mixture. Likewise, if the unit is allowed to reaching freezing point, the combustion chamber might receive air that is too cold, which will negatively affect fuel combustion.

Advantages of HD Antifreeze by Adopted Oil:

  • Protection up to 300,000 miles or 6,000 hours against corrosion and rust with the aid of pre-charged and multi-metal corrosion inhibitors without requiring Supplemental Coolant Additives.
  • High boiling point prevents the unit from heating up especially during summer.
  • In the month of winter, when temperatures might fall under zero, the high quality anti-freeze keeps the unit at the lowest possible temperature and prevents it from freezing over.

As one of the top manufacturers and distributors in the industry, Adopted Oil safely recommends the extended life HD Antifreeze for both on and off road engine applications.

We all know how extreme temperatures can effect the life of an engine and its ultimate performance, especially during unexpected climate changes or prolonged heat or cold.
Choose a heavy-duty antifreeze that can get the job done. Extend the life of the engine by using a product you can rely on and trust to give you a consistent experience.
Adopted Oil Heavy Duty antifreeze will promote the longevity of any engine, thus saving money and untimely repairs due to using a product that is limited in effect.
Use the best antifreeze available on the market - Adopted Oil Heavy-Duty Antifreeze.